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  • Felicia - Boston Ma

    I swung by around 430 am and Jesus Christ was it bare, despite the time and weather. I saw light skin Marie out with a friend, but they were headed somewhere. A couple streets over I found a familiar face, Felicia (short 30 yo brunette WSW w a fat ass) before calling it quits. It was literally only the first 2, Felicia, and Dennis Rodman out (tall redhead transformer BSW. I hope that's not who you guys were talking about lmaoo). BBJ + BFS for 30 and I was on my way. Idk WTF is going on but hopefully there's more girls out soon like normal.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named LuvNotHot.


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  • Jackie from Wilkens Ave, Baltimore Maryland

    Hey who remembers Jackie from the Wilkens stroll? I used to date her a bit. She was one of the prettier girls out there. Her performance varied. If she had just the right amount of drugs in her it was great. Too little and she was not happy. Too much and she would pass out. She had her own truck, which was cool because she could drive and meet you at the motel. Well in Dec 2019 she left. Was very nasty about it. Went running back to her parents. They packed her off to rehab. I know someone who knows her. He said she works, got kind of fat and is covering herself with tattoos. She did not allow photos, even fully clothed. So, I was surprised when I saw her in a video on Charm City Porn. It is listed as "Baltimore White Dope Fiend Streetwalker (Donna)". While watching it, I recognized her. Sometimes I discreetly monitor girls who have "retired". You can find info by asking current dates if they know so & so. I have had several girls get back in the game. Nothing better than seeing all that attitude disappear while they are blowing you. So, we will see if she returns. Have you guys had "retired" girls return?

    Frank Out!

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named Frank 76.







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  • Pretty Kaylee by the triangle on Wilkens Ave Baltimore

    Scooped Kaylee close to the triangle, Fridaymorning. . Said she'd only been in the area a couple of weeks. Took her to a quiet place for a BBBJ. She's almost toothless but not quite a gummy. Would rate her 7 out of 10 mostly because she pulled away instead of catching. Maybe I should have communicated my expectations better. Haha. She was aware of this site and requested that I review her. I thought that was interesting.

    No phone said she left it in a date's car. Damage was a Jackson. I would scoop her again sometime.

    T. J.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named Top Job.



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  • Kayla in Baltimore Md

    I'm sure some of you already know or been with Kayla. But being that there's a bunch of Kayla's out there, and the original OG legend ex top dog Kayla passed away not too long ago (may she rest in peace), I wanted to introduce to you, in my opinion, the best Kayla out there right now. She's a short young WSW, who's cool as hell, and has some really amazing snatch. What I like about this Kayla is her personality is cool as shit, she doesn't rush, and she gets into it. Plus, she looks sexy as hell in person and has an incredible body. Whenever I run into her, I like going to John's place for our date so that we can go to bed where she can ride me cowgirl style while I suck on her nice perky tits before turning her over to missionary to bust my load in her. I haven't seen her lately, but if y'all see her out working, scoop her up immediately, otherwise someone else will be getting their D wet and having a good time.


    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named SW Auditor.



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  • Recent Cruise - Seatle WA

    I've counted on average over 20 girls out along AA over this past weekend, higher than normal in the past month. Most have been concentrated on the southern part of the blade with a few still working the Lowe's lot and around 137th. I was mainly in and out of the area on my way to somewhere else, not really dedicated cruising as per my usual lately, I'd talk to some SWs here and there as I encountered them, but not really pursuing anyone.

    On one of those evenings, I came upon two girls standing at a corner across from Oaktree Plaza / IHOP as I came up from a side-street to get on AA to head south. One was a fat brunette LSW, definitely not my thing and I waved her off, but the other was a smoking-hot long brown-haired WSW with curly hair and fantastic body wrapped in lace and a thong. She had nice little B cups, tight thin frame which I love. The WSW approached and I told her I only wanted BB and she wished me a good night. I left the area as planned but later when I came back through on my way home, I saw the same WSW, this time farther south and by herself, and she started waving me over. I stopped and told her that we had already talked earlier, and she told me that she remembered and wanted to know how much I'd offer for BB. I threw-out a low-ball number and to my surprise she accepted. I asked her what made her change her mind and she said that she won't accept anything uncovered in front of the other girls. She also said that money has been very slow out there lately, so she broke away from the pack to make some money. The funny thing is that she asked if I could drive side-streets instead of taking Aurora in case I'd asked other girls for BB and they remembered me, that way they wouldn't see her with me. I think her name was Amber, I've been horrible at getting names lately, but it doesn't matter anyway because she's not from Seattle and said she's leaving on around Monday. I asked if she were coming back to Seattle, and she said probably not because the money has been so bad while she was here. But service was surprisingly good, usually the hotter ones can be a pain in the ass, actual BBBJ instead of a faux BJ with handjob and full service with actual spirit. Talkative and easy-going with a sense of humor, too.

    For not really cruising my rate of success has been better, but I think that's because of the recent market conditions. A lot of the girls do still get crazy about holding the line, like full-on yelling at me when asking for BB services, but I'm also experiencing some of the hotter girls flipping if no other girls are around. I do also see them huddling-up closer together on certain corners which I don't like and getting mobbed sometimes whenever I come through. That gets annoying because most of the time none of them suit my interest and also, I really am usually on my way to somewhere and just not interested. They're pretty pushy, right up in my window and face and wanting to know why I don't want a date. Most residents who live there, particularly men driving alone, have to deal with that shit whenever driving through. That's the stuff which pisses-off all of the residents and I get a healthy earful from neighbors which is entertaining, LOL. But the girls seem a bit more agreeable lately, so we'll see for how long this goes.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named Hoballer.


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  • Beautiful Andrea in Baltimore Md

    It's been a hot minute since I've hit the WW stroll till this afternoon. Not much out on Wilkins, was hoping to see Kiara. Scooped up Andrea down by the circle, I think she said she is turning 40, cool as lady. Got an amazing bbbj with swallow for the going street donation with a tip.  She said she loves Greek for all you guys who travel to the island.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named RookieMonger.


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  • Heather is Garbage - Paterson NJ

    I picked up heather, redhead short as hell but has a thick ass, she was already with a guess her dude. So as soon as she starts, she's got a fucking attitude. Then she's giving dome and does want me to blast off. Now how the fuck does that work I don't even know. Now I usually don't post shit but fuck this ***** she deserves it, and I can't wait to Upload a video we made just as soon as I figure out how to do it.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named OutJohn.



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  • Wet mouth - Philadelphia Pa

    Met this snow bunny right where the 7-11 is, across the street. Saw her Aug 13th, so I do not remember her name, however when I like the performance I like to take phone number so I do have her digits.

    Cost: 20.

    To record: 20.

    Total 40.

    The head was great! She didn't even have to try too much, it's like her mouth is naturally wet which made her job much easier.

    She had a ok body, ass was fat and jiggly.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named BillyDaGoat


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  • Taylor - Boston Ma

    I got to the ave after work Tuesday night around 1130. I took about half a lap and felt a feeling of pure joy, I didn't even have to do my full loop and had 5-10+ options ranging from McDs down to the Park. I start to window shop upon realization of this and I find Taylor on one of the Allerton side streets.

    She's a moderately pretty, mid to late 30's SSBBW (her ass alone probably outweighs me) who I've noticed usually has some red highlight that makes her stick out (red sweats or leggings sometimes, the occasional hair dyed red, etc). I go to pick her up for the first time in close to 6 months but she instantly recognized me and it was on.

    BBBJ + CFS.

    For those that are familiar with her she's single right now and free of her usual bum anchor. She's a lot more open to dates when she's single and is a thorough pleaser.

    $30 session.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named ThotSlayer92





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  • Britt - Paterson NJ

    Hey all met up with a girl at Dunkin Donuts and we hit it off immediately. Britt is a young WSW with lots of tattoos and some piercings. Took her back home for some bbj and FS fun. She's a good performer and actually puts effort in her craft. She's open minded and very fun in bed. She's very cool and I highly recommend. She has digits, will trade.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named FuckJannies.



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  • Cici aka California Bella - Paterson NJ

    Hey all I've been dealing with cici for years since meet her on the streets of Paterson. She's been a streetwalker / addict for almost a decade now and still gets high to this day. Recently she's been posting on skipthegames charging insane rates. She thinks just because she's not on the streets anymore she's some high class woman.

    Anyways, she invited to her spot behind some apartment buildings near the municipal park in Lyndhurst. She invited me into a small house and into a room which was a complete disaster. She makes gsta comfy and starts acting like she's getting ready. Foolishly, I gave her the money and she took it then left the room saying she was going to the bathroom. Next thing I know, I hear an angry voice yelling as if someone is in his house. I gtfo and, fortunately, just lost a small amount of cash. She's a street addict, so she plays for street rates. Haggle with her and don't pay her escort prices.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named FuckJannies









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  • Monday Fun Day - Milwaukee

    Work has been slow, and Monday I found myself with nothing much to do so headed for Milwaukee. I got a late start, left home about 12:30 and got to 36th and National at 3:15 in the afternoon. First pass down National there were several out, nothing looked to good, so I kept going to 6th, then down to Greenfield. At about 15th saw a girl who looked OK but decided to cruise to 27th and see what else was out. Saw a few more but went back to the one on 15th and she was still there. Her name was Cass (or maybe Jess). A dark-haired white girl, thin and reasonably attractive. Gave great head with CIM and spit. Nice girl, a 30 donation, I think. Let my hands roam wherever I wanted but didn't want me to take a photo.

    I cruised a bit more after dropping her off, things had slowed up a bit but then I found Alayna. I had met her once before and was hoping I'd see her again. She was standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. Such a fine sight to see. Oh, Wait. I got confused with the song. Actually she was standing on the corner of 8th and Greenfield. And yes, she was a sight I was VERY happy to see. (Photos Below).

    Alayna is the best, very pretty face, thin body, GREAT skills. 40 donation plus a little extra for the photos and a video, and I left her a pretty good tip, but I appreciate her and her skills. She made my day again.

    As I was dropping her off, I spotted another SW'er I had seen earlier but didn't pick up. It was Lola. As I dropped Alayna off on 8th Street Lola was almost next to my car. I got her attention, and she hopped in. I explained after the 2 girls I had just been with I probably couldn't do too much right then but asked if she would let my hands explore her for a few minutes. We settled on a price and when I found out her name I asked if she was Lolli's sister, and she is.

    Lolli is the first Milwaukee Street Walker I ever picked up and I have been hoping to see her again. I gave Lola my number and asked her to pass it on to Lolli and to feel free to call me herself. So far, I have not heard from either but I'm hoping especially to hear from Lolli.

    Overall, a pretty damn fine Monday. Didn't have time for lunch just settled for a coke and pizza from Kwik-Trip on the way home. Those girls can work up an appetite in more ways than one.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named TrollMongo.






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  • Rita - Daytona Beach FL

    My hobbying has been slow lately as there aren't many providers that are worth a visit anymore. I don't usually look for SW's but I happened to be driving down Ridgewood today and spotted a cute spinner. She was standing outside the Royal and said her name was Rita. Really skinny, strawberry blonde and actually didn't have any signs of drug use, even had all of her teeth. Picked her up and took her back to my place and she let me do whatever I wanted for as long as I wanted. Threw her. 5 and she didn't complain. I didn't get any digits but I'm sure that she can be found in that vicinity on occasion.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named Topherman.




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  • A Great Thursday Cruise- Milwaukee

    Thursday morning after a 2-hour drive, I arrived at 35th and National about 10 AM. My first hit of the day was none other than Skinny Minni. She was walking down National at about 20th in a pair of really nice jean shorts, and I made the scoop. She hopped in my car and proceeded to turn towards me and open her legs nice and wide. Didn't want me to worry she was a cop, I guess. I didn't recognize her till she told me her name, she looks a bit different from when I dated her last year. Hair is different now with a reddish tint and she was wearing glasses. Now I LOVE the way this girl acts, looks and performs. BUT. This time was a series of hassles. Wanting to go here, then somewhere else, stop and talk to a friend, etc. We finally got down to business and afterwards I felt more relaxed, and we talked about going to a motel for a hour or so later. She said she would call in a hour and a half. Of course, I really didn't expect she would since she had plenty of $$ for candy now, but a hour and 15 minutes later, while my dick was in the mouth of another SW my phone rings and its Skinny Minni. Be there in 15 minutes I told her, and off I went to the house she showed me to find her at. On the way I started to have 2nd thoughts about driving all the way out to Dolly's since I'd just did a shot of Quad Mix, and decided on just another car date. She came right out and we went to find a spot. Once again it was a hassle to go here, go there and so on. We finally got down to business, and of course the girl is very good at what she does and I certainly don't mind helping them get around a little bit, but she was really extreme again. While I always enjoy my time with Minni, and was thrilled to meet her again, it might be the last time I pick her up.

    Both National and Greenfield were active all day, but I saw nothing the two loops I made on Lincoln. I guess the warm weather got the girls more active, and I did see (and pick up) a few nice pairs of shorts and a couple really short skirts.

    I found Lexi again at about 13th and Greenfield. (Photos below) She was in a very short red dress. I grabbed her quick and off we went to find a place. I met her once a few weeks ago and through no fault of hers I didn't get off, but this time was different. We parked on a street across from a launder mat, put the windshield screen up and with my dark tinted windows had plenty of privacy. She did a fantastic job, prices a bit high (ask 60, settled on 50) but then she has skills, a bit of a rush later also, guess she wanted to get to the candy store. Wish she had been in heels. That's kinda my thing.

    I picked up a couple others through the day just to pass a few minutes, Cassy and Breana and one other I don't remember the name off and used my new line of "I don't have much time, was just heading out of town but saw you here and liked the way you look. How much for just 5 minutes of oral while I drive" Usually 10 or 20 dollars will get 5 or 10 minutes and is an easy way to find out if a further investment is worthwhile.

    The last of the day though was by far my Favorite. Her name is Alayna. (Photos Below).

    I saw her walking slow on Greenfield at about 12th. She was in a short white dress, nice thin body and very pretty face. Once I got her in the car one of the first things, she told me was that she wasn't wearing any panties, and of course I immediately had to make sure she wasn't lying!

    Prices were very reasonable and only asked 5 extra to video and photograph her. Her skills were well above average, and I really enjoyed her company, not only the sex. She was unrushed and very skilled. At the end, I tipped her $20 and she was shocked. Almost looked like she was ready to cry. If anyone picks her up, treat her really nice.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named TrollMongo.







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  • Heather in Pompano Beach FL

    Just wanted to write a quick post about this girl Heather. She's been around a long time and she's a very nice girl. She disappeared sometime back but now resurfaced so I had to go see her. Nothing changed much still great service still friendly very passive as I'm sure most of you already know. Anyway, just check her out she's great every time never any complaints the price is very reasonable, and you won't be disappointed.

    Author and street credit goes out to a guy named Gringo 2123



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  • Overtown cruise Amy from South Carolina

    Cruising OT on 10th street tent Ville and see a blonde I seen before and signal her in. Her name Amy from South Carolina but no mountain twang on her tongue but a good cock tongue which matters. Pass my LEO test and quickly smiled at my Jackson offer. Listens to directions and has good slow head maneuvers and got me to explode in her mouth while I was playing with her perky melons.

    Monger ON.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named Calizum69





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  • Miami Florida 22 years old Honduran

    Saw this cracked out PYT off Unity and 45. She says there is a spot for 1. 5 for and hour, in the most horrible broken English. Asked if she was Cuban. With disgust she exclaims "nooo".

    4 for BBFS.

    Because of the SW drought in Texas, I devoured her taco.
    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named LookingOn.




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  • Fun blonde in Lebanon - Nashville TN

    Recently visited Lexi Lynn in Lebanon. She is really fun. Very enthusiastic. She enjoyed the time together as much as I did I think. Or seemed to anyway which made it really nice. She has a nice body and pretty face. BBBJ, mish, toys, didn't stray much past those in this first meeting.

    Will see her again soon for sure.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named Mrmojo69




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