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  • Woman formerly known as Rachel Dolezal fired from teaching gig over OnlyFans account

    Aformer NAACP leader in Washington state who was exposed for pretending to be Black in 2015 is now making headlines for a different controversy.

    Rachel Dolezal, who legally changed her name to Nkechi Diallo in 2016, was fired by the Catalina Foothills Unified School District in Arizona over her OnlyFans account, NBC News confirmed.

    Her account also made headlines in 2022 when leaked photos of her posing in lingerie circulated online.

    The 18-and-up platform, which hosts millions of content creators, is known primarily as a service where sex workers share explicit photos behind a monthly paywall, although creators can share anything from cooking tutorials to fitness routines. Subscribers can also pay extra fees to receive personalized pay-per-view messages from their favorite creators.

    Though the controversial figure has been active on the content subscription platform for years, the district didn’t learn of Diallo’s OnlyFans posts until Tuesday afternoon, according to Julie Farbarik, a spokesperson for Catalina Foothills Unified School District.

    “Her posts are contrary to our district’s ‘Use of Social Media by District Employees’ policy,” Farbarik wrote in an email. The policy states that employees should not communicate online in a manner that’s “unprofessional” or that would “significantly and adversely impact [their] work-related reputation.”

    Though the images on her page are hidden for nonsubscribers, many of the captions on her posts appear sexually suggestive.

    Diallo had started with the school district in August last year as a part-time afterschool instructor working with elementary school students. She was also a substitute teacher under the district’s substitute contract provider.

    She did not respond to NBC News’ attempts to reach her that were made via email and Instagram direct message. Two of her listed phone numbers were out of service. 

    Nearly a decade ago, after a media scandal led her to confess that she was born to white parents despite identifying as a Black woman, Diallo, then Dolezal, was forced to resign as the head of her local NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington, and was removed from a police ombudsman commission. The controversy ignited outrage and public discourse around the concept of “race faking.”

    In 2019, she accepted a plea deal after being charged with welfare fraud over allegations that she failed to report tens of thousands of dollars in revenue from her 2017 memoir, “In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World,” and other income sources, in order to collect more than $8,800 in food and childcare assistance from Washington state.


    Diallo has been posting to her verified OnlyFans account, which offers subscriptions of $9.99 a month, since late 2021. Her bio describes her page as a place “where I post creative content and give fans a more Intimate look into my life,” and promotes a link to her Amazon wishlist — which allows people to gift her items such as handmade soap, stiletto sandals and a teacup set.

    OnlyFans did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    In recent years, there have been multiple instances of teachers losing their jobs over their OnlyFans side gig, which many creators use as a way to supplement wages from other jobs. In late 2023, one teacher was fired, and another resigned in St. Louis after their school district discovered their accounts. One told NBC Los Angeles that the financial struggle brought on by low teaching salaries left them with little choice.

    This story first appeared on NBCNews.com




















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  • Randy in Kankakee Illinois

    I found Randy by the Library. She hopped in and we went to Bird Park where the cops were patrolling. Nope. Off to the Hunting area off 113. I enjoyed a nice CBJ (my choice) followed by reverse cowgirl CFS, then back to CBJ for a finish in the bag. She offered anal and I tried but wasn't hard enough. No time for a blue pill. Oh well. Very enjoyable. $60.00.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name Northside.





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  • Bree in Columbus Ohio

    Decided to try out Bree / Bri a brunette bbw with BIG tits and an attitude to match. I generally don't waste my time with bigger girls at all as I prefer the spinners. Negotiated for a BBBJCIM video but she really wasn't complying with the deal at all. Then she just wanted to make it a HJ instead and I told her that I can beat off for free so I'm not paying for that. She refused to let me titty fuck her too. So, I simply said to gtfo and only paid her half of the agreed upon $ because she didn't hold up her end.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name Horny as Hell.




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  • Tiffy in Kankakee Illinoise

    Tiffy has lost her pussy skills, won't do Greek and the head is slightly above average. Cute little flat chested spinner. Stay away from her sister Bri but a quick blow & go from Tiffy is worth the 40 roses, most of the time.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name Housilver.



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  • Alexis in Tampa Florida

     She sucks dick like no tomorrow but that's it. No fucking. A little on the high side for just a blowjob, but she is really good at it. Zero drama. She's at one of the sketchy places off 50th and Columbus. 8138199141

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name TeamCommando.








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  • Valerie

    Had a chance to venture out this past weekend to do some recon. Was hoping to connect with either Olivia or tall Puerto Rican Jessica. After combing the area with no luck, spotted Valerie coming out the corner store on Bentalou and Ashton. I'd have to agree she is definitely a head nurse. Would repeat if she could take it, says she would rather give head than get fucked.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name Beemer69.






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  • Danielle

    I was recently out on a stroll, and nothing was out but Danielle passed her the first time. Went to Wash Blvd. Didn't see anything but zombies. Came back to around and I end up settling on Danielle by the Wilkens circle. She was looking nice with a decent body. Based on her reviews I figured service was going to be lackluster, so l offers her 15 bucks. She declined at first, but I told her I got 2 more dollars. She accepted. I made the scoop and we hit hotel Tyrone. Not a big fan of this spot. Got to be quick. It was middle of the day. She was in a good mood and very talkative. She drops her head and gives me an average bbj nothing spectacular, but she did catch but no swallow. I would like to sample the box next time. Damage 17 bucks. Good nut.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name Elliot Spitzer.





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  • Brittney

    I was recently back on the dog run last week out Brooklyn and spotted a newbie well I never seen her before she told me she is 21 and just started. We negotiated for mic work and hit my BK spot off 4th Street where I can relax and take my time. She drops her head and gives me an above average bbj with a little deep throating she has a nice and warm mouth. She polished me off for 10 minutes straight, but I still couldn't pop. I give her credit she kept at it for a while and never complained. Then I got to looking at her body and figured a pounding was in order. I asked if I fuck, she said yah (no upcharge) but it has to be qik then she spread like an eagle. I slid my meat stick inside her chops and tore her little ass up until I flooded her little tight pussy with nut milk. The box felt great very tight and creamy. Going to see her again got her digits. She can be found off Fairhaven. Damage 20. Good nut.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name ElliotPpitzer.






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  • Katie around Wilkens

    Found one of my go to girls from last year walking around late one evening on a recon. Pulled up and made plans to meet up another day. She was on a mission for candy. Saw her the next day. As good as I remembered. BBBJ, and finished off in MISH.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name Phyuck Yiu.




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  • Tiffany

    Picked up Tiffany up from the Citgo on Dundalk Ave. Did a cop check and off to a motel, she's petite small breasts tight pussy, some signs of usage, BBBJ cfs for $40 plus a tip which she earned! Will repeat if I see her again.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name Ripper99.



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  • Rachel

    I was on my way to work yesterday morning about 730 am thought I swing pass the circle and Smallwood and Ashton. As soon as I turn onto Pulaski, I see a pretty 22 yr old female standing at the corner. She is cute and sexy. I ask her name she said Rachel. I never seen her before. So, I make the scoop and we head to hotel Tyrone. But once we get to Tyrone Street and park, I'm not feeling it. The big flashlight in the sky and a couple of cars pass by on this one way. We decide to hit another spot. Once we get there, I feel more comfortable. We negotiate half and half. It's hard to hear her cause her voice is so low. I guess trying to shoot up in the neck will do that. So, she starts sucking me off good and slow. Then I layed her seat back and climbed on top of her slid inside her tight pussy and my god it was warm and gushy. 3 good hard pumps I blow my load inside her. Pussy was good too. Hope to catch her again. Great way to start my day. Damage was 40 bucks.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name ElliotSplitzer.




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  • Kiara on Ashton

    FINALLY reunited with Kiara this afternoon.  Went out today looking for her didn't find her at first.  Went back and forth between Ashton and Pulaski and the circle while also looking for Olivia since the number she gave does not work.  Well, I finally found Kiara on Ashton by the school.  Headed to Tim's and had her suck the sausage and ride me like a horse.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name Thundra89.







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  • Kiara on Ashton by Westside Shopping Center

    Just got the balls drained by Special K. I'm good for at least a week now. After dropping my load in her mouth. She sucked on the stovepipe for another 2 minutes getting to the base of my testicles. Always give her an additional ham for her efforts. CLS--told her you were back on the prowl & to BOLO!!

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name Headman.



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  • Sasha in Southwest Baltimore

    I saw this one on McHenry walking early in the morning. She had some big ass tits busting through her top. I had to buck a U-turn in the middle of the street and make the scoop. She said her name was Sasha. This is my first time seeing her around. We negotiate half / half and went to my spot where I could take my time. She starts off with a really good bbj I could've let it rip right there but I kept looking at those tits. I layed her seat back and climbed on top and pounded away until I popped. She did have a little smell but not that bad. Great service for 30.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name ElliotSpitzer.





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  • Cara aka Sansa in Southwest Baltimore

    Over by the Westside shopping center is where she hangs out.  When she first came out on scene, she was a hot piece of ass.  I believe she's still sticking to head only. Since her and I go way back maybe she'll let me hit it and bust my load in her like I always use to do. If so, I'll let everyone know.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name SW Auditor





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  • Mystery Dundalk Gal

    Anyone have any information on this chick? Old videos of her still circulate but they were originally on PH before they nuked a bunch of amateur stuff. Anyways, the only information I have is that she was a Dundalk gal. I'm curious to know if she's still active, at the very least what her name is so I can search for any reviews? Thanks in advance!

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name Red Carpetdic






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  • Heather in Lowell Massachusetts

    Picked up a pleasantly plump WSW today close to the shelter. Got an incredible dtbbbj with a swallow with her head at the base of my cock. Kept sucking till I told her to stop. Got her a room. Going back later for an all nighter. Throating is her specialty. Said she wants me to fuck her throat while her head hangs off the bed LOL.

    Author and street credit goes out to a guy named  Soluopoganap.


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  • Monday Night in Portland Oregon

    After Bonnie ghosted me Saturday night, stayed in Sunday night, talked to Dania some & finally finished watching the latest Scorsese epic. Took advantage of the temperate day with further avenue excursions the farthest thing from my mind. Well, until noticed missed text from Bonnie "you in a better mood today & whatcha doing this warm night". A rendezvous was agreed on for 8:30 near Eastport but not before copilot & I did a JCB>82nd>Sandy upper recon 7:30>8:30. Motivated as much by the comfortable evening temperatures & lack of rain as the promise of some strange.

    Nothing seen until...

    Spotted Galina at Everett in jeans & fur hooded black jacket above black ankle boots. Earliest I'd ever seen her out & was seriously tempted yet put her on the bang backburner in case of later mission creep.

    Sunny had what I thought was the older WSW Baba Vanga.

    Baggers had a sturdy brunette WSW duo...

    One in pink jacket above black pants & white 6" heels. Definitely meh...

    Her better-looking friend was in low cut black one piece bathing suit & heels showing some pale & impressive cleavage. She just eked out of a meh grade. Thought I had her in frame when snapping photo, guess not. Laughs...

    Again, Murder Street was the epicenter of 304 out...

    Mostly all seen at one time or another in last months including a sturdy bleached blonde in blue lace onesie pulling a wide wagon ass behind her.

    All the remaining at that location was emphasizing that no lifeguard is on duty in the hooker gene pool...

    Beech had a blonde long haired WSW in blueish dress with demure side slit above white heels. Not the worst yet far from the best is all I got...

    Between tree named hotel & Sandy had a younger BSW in orange patterned bodysuit & sweater above sandals showing open faced hoagie pussy print. At least she was close to BMI appropriate though the too visible print was somewhat disconcerting. Even in the gloom my nether region retreated all turtle like...

    Sandy Upper was deserted of 304 even the curd or fuglie themed. Can't say I really minded, there's a limit to how many bleach baths your eyes can handle in your lifetime.

    Found my way South where I ultimately connected with my evening's objective just North of Eastport. At first was chagrined at her definitely low key come as you are no look. All these dressed to the nines 304 of the last year or two & regulars have set my expectations higher for the fripperies of the trade.

    No check except for a quick kiss & hug as she kinda' apologized for pissing me off Saturday. Some unplanned drama in her life with the woman who's couch she's crashing on. She didn't elaborate on subject further except to mention it had to do with her failing to help her out financially. She did elaborate that we'd talked before back earlier this year (report #5136 "diversifying at division photo) one night with same friend she's crashing with. Had to think hard about it & search forum to jog my brain. I turned her offer down back then...

    Anyway, my reservations were forgotten after a pitcher of margaritas & after a quick shower she got naked in front of fireplace. Sizewise evocative of Tori with a puffy Twinkie with light stubble. Though nowhere near camera friendly, service wise while not as enthusiastic as Tori was close enough once warmed up with some long sloppy DATY & hook or two thrown in both holes. All the usual acronyms were on the table or available with promise of tipping.

    Tuesday Afternoon:

    After feeding her & finally extricating my dick from Bonnie dropped her off with basic donation agreed on + a deserved tip for running the threes service at tall apartments just east of Powell. $150.00 with video & BBFSCIA tip. Seemed happy with that & mentioned she should "maybe" start walking. I laughed & said you were walking the first time we met. "Not seriously" was her answer. Cannot confirm or deny my response as I'm going to let her think on it more.

    Was heading South to barn & got caught up in all the utility work traffic from Foster South.

    At Reedway, was surprised to see Quasimodo crutching it North & looking remarkably better than I can ever remember. Tasteful makeup & lipstick & her earlier necessary head shaving had grown out nicely.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name ZaviJava.









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  • Mandy - Tampa FL

    This White Chick Sucked My Soul out my Cock last night. I got to know her some more and she does meets where she likes taking two Dicks at once. Anyone in Area that's into gangbang meets she is down.

    Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name Big General.



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  • Heather in Pompano Beach FL

    Just wanted to write a quick post about this girl Heather. She's been around a long time and she's a very nice girl. She disappeared sometime back but now resurfaced so I had to go see her. Nothing changed much still great service still friendly very passive as I'm sure most of you already know. Anyway, just check her out she's great every time never any complaints the price is very reasonable, and you won't be disappointed.

    Author and street credit goes out to a guy named Gringo 2123



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