I was recently out on a stroll, and nothing was out but Danielle passed her the first time. Went to Wash Blvd. Didn't see anything but zombies. Came back to around and I end up settling on Danielle by the Wilkens circle. She was looking nice with a decent body. Based on her reviews I figured service was going to be lackluster, so l offers her 15 bucks. She declined at first, but I told her I got 2 more dollars. She accepted. I made the scoop and we hit hotel Tyrone. Not a big fan of this spot. Got to be quick. It was middle of the day. She was in a good mood and very talkative. She drops her head and gives me an average bbj nothing spectacular, but she did catch but no swallow. I would like to sample the box next time. Damage 17 bucks. Good nut.

Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name Elliot Spitzer.





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