I was on my way to work yesterday morning about 730 am thought I swing pass the circle and Smallwood and Ashton. As soon as I turn onto Pulaski, I see a pretty 22 yr old female standing at the corner. She is cute and sexy. I ask her name she said Rachel. I never seen her before. So, I make the scoop and we head to hotel Tyrone. But once we get to Tyrone Street and park, I'm not feeling it. The big flashlight in the sky and a couple of cars pass by on this one way. We decide to hit another spot. Once we get there, I feel more comfortable. We negotiate half and half. It's hard to hear her cause her voice is so low. I guess trying to shoot up in the neck will do that. So, she starts sucking me off good and slow. Then I layed her seat back and climbed on top of her slid inside her tight pussy and my god it was warm and gushy. 3 good hard pumps I blow my load inside her. Pussy was good too. Hope to catch her again. Great way to start my day. Damage was 40 bucks.

Author and street credit goes to a gentleman name ElliotSplitzer.




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