Rita - Daytona Beach FL

My hobbying has been slow lately as there aren't many providers that are worth a visit anymore. I don't usually look for SW's but I happened to be driving down Ridgewood today and spotted a cute spinner. She was standing outside the Royal and said her name was Rita. Really skinny, strawberry blonde and actually didn't have any signs of drug use, even had all of her teeth. Picked her up and took her back to my place and she let me do whatever I wanted for as long as I wanted. Threw her. 5 and she didn't complain. I didn't get any digits but I'm sure that she can be found in that vicinity on occasion.

Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named Topherman.




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  • MongerLover Banned

    Text me we can figure something out
    5705202783 I need the video

  • MongerLover Banned

    Can you send me the video?

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