Sherry in Overtown Miami FL

I saw Sherry and she also wears a wig like Rebecca Snow. Found her in OT by the Arena Supermarket at NW 12 street and 1st place, she was talking to Seven. I've been with Seven many times and wanted to try the crazy tall red head white girl that turned out to be a wig. She was a lot of fun and very submissive, wanted directions and everything on the table before gratuity discussed. Went for the pussy and pounded her bareback for good while. Got tired as I was still baby battering like Machine Gun Kelly. She saw that I was still hard and kept sucking while my cum was coming down her mouth.

Highly recommend and I will repeat.

Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named LuvAJunk



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  • Miamiman

    She is hot! I pass out food in OT while checking out potentials like her!

  • Zyes

    I'm in baltimore gotta go check her out

  • MongerLover Banned

    Text me we can figure something out
    5705202783 I need the video

  • MongerLover Banned

    We need the full videos.

  • Talones

    She suck my dick 2 weeks ago.

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