Jackie from Wilkens Ave, Baltimore Maryland

Hey who remembers Jackie from the Wilkens stroll? I used to date her a bit. She was one of the prettier girls out there. Her performance varied. If she had just the right amount of drugs in her it was great. Too little and she was not happy. Too much and she would pass out. She had her own truck, which was cool because she could drive and meet you at the motel. Well in Dec 2019 she left. Was very nasty about it. Went running back to her parents. They packed her off to rehab. I know someone who knows her. He said she works, got kind of fat and is covering herself with tattoos. She did not allow photos, even fully clothed. So, I was surprised when I saw her in a video on Charm City Porn. It is listed as "Baltimore White Dope Fiend Streetwalker (Donna)". While watching it, I recognized her. Sometimes I discreetly monitor girls who have "retired". You can find info by asking current dates if they know so & so. I have had several girls get back in the game. Nothing better than seeing all that attitude disappear while they are blowing you. So, we will see if she returns. Have you guys had "retired" girls return?

Frank Out!

Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named Frank 76.







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