Recent Cruise - Seatle WA

I've counted on average over 20 girls out along AA over this past weekend, higher than normal in the past month. Most have been concentrated on the southern part of the blade with a few still working the Lowe's lot and around 137th. I was mainly in and out of the area on my way to somewhere else, not really dedicated cruising as per my usual lately, I'd talk to some SWs here and there as I encountered them, but not really pursuing anyone.

On one of those evenings, I came upon two girls standing at a corner across from Oaktree Plaza / IHOP as I came up from a side-street to get on AA to head south. One was a fat brunette LSW, definitely not my thing and I waved her off, but the other was a smoking-hot long brown-haired WSW with curly hair and fantastic body wrapped in lace and a thong. She had nice little B cups, tight thin frame which I love. The WSW approached and I told her I only wanted BB and she wished me a good night. I left the area as planned but later when I came back through on my way home, I saw the same WSW, this time farther south and by herself, and she started waving me over. I stopped and told her that we had already talked earlier, and she told me that she remembered and wanted to know how much I'd offer for BB. I threw-out a low-ball number and to my surprise she accepted. I asked her what made her change her mind and she said that she won't accept anything uncovered in front of the other girls. She also said that money has been very slow out there lately, so she broke away from the pack to make some money. The funny thing is that she asked if I could drive side-streets instead of taking Aurora in case I'd asked other girls for BB and they remembered me, that way they wouldn't see her with me. I think her name was Amber, I've been horrible at getting names lately, but it doesn't matter anyway because she's not from Seattle and said she's leaving on around Monday. I asked if she were coming back to Seattle, and she said probably not because the money has been so bad while she was here. But service was surprisingly good, usually the hotter ones can be a pain in the ass, actual BBBJ instead of a faux BJ with handjob and full service with actual spirit. Talkative and easy-going with a sense of humor, too.

For not really cruising my rate of success has been better, but I think that's because of the recent market conditions. A lot of the girls do still get crazy about holding the line, like full-on yelling at me when asking for BB services, but I'm also experiencing some of the hotter girls flipping if no other girls are around. I do also see them huddling-up closer together on certain corners which I don't like and getting mobbed sometimes whenever I come through. That gets annoying because most of the time none of them suit my interest and also, I really am usually on my way to somewhere and just not interested. They're pretty pushy, right up in my window and face and wanting to know why I don't want a date. Most residents who live there, particularly men driving alone, have to deal with that shit whenever driving through. That's the stuff which pisses-off all of the residents and I get a healthy earful from neighbors which is entertaining, LOL. But the girls seem a bit more agreeable lately, so we'll see for how long this goes.

Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named Hoballer.


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