Taylor - Boston Ma

I got to the ave after work Tuesday night around 1130. I took about half a lap and felt a feeling of pure joy, I didn't even have to do my full loop and had 5-10+ options ranging from McDs down to the Park. I start to window shop upon realization of this and I find Taylor on one of the Allerton side streets.

She's a moderately pretty, mid to late 30's SSBBW (her ass alone probably outweighs me) who I've noticed usually has some red highlight that makes her stick out (red sweats or leggings sometimes, the occasional hair dyed red, etc). I go to pick her up for the first time in close to 6 months but she instantly recognized me and it was on.


For those that are familiar with her she's single right now and free of her usual bum anchor. She's a lot more open to dates when she's single and is a thorough pleaser.

$30 session.

Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named ThotSlayer92





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