Cici aka California Bella - Paterson NJ

Hey all I've been dealing with cici for years since meet her on the streets of Paterson. She's been a streetwalker / addict for almost a decade now and still gets high to this day. Recently she's been posting on skipthegames charging insane rates. She thinks just because she's not on the streets anymore she's some high class woman.

Anyways, she invited to her spot behind some apartment buildings near the municipal park in Lyndhurst. She invited me into a small house and into a room which was a complete disaster. She makes gsta comfy and starts acting like she's getting ready. Foolishly, I gave her the money and she took it then left the room saying she was going to the bathroom. Next thing I know, I hear an angry voice yelling as if someone is in his house. I gtfo and, fortunately, just lost a small amount of cash. She's a street addict, so she plays for street rates. Haggle with her and don't pay her escort prices.

Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named FuckJannies









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