A Great Thursday Cruise- Milwaukee

Thursday morning after a 2-hour drive, I arrived at 35th and National about 10 AM. My first hit of the day was none other than Skinny Minni. She was walking down National at about 20th in a pair of really nice jean shorts, and I made the scoop. She hopped in my car and proceeded to turn towards me and open her legs nice and wide. Didn't want me to worry she was a cop, I guess. I didn't recognize her till she told me her name, she looks a bit different from when I dated her last year. Hair is different now with a reddish tint and she was wearing glasses. Now I LOVE the way this girl acts, looks and performs. BUT. This time was a series of hassles. Wanting to go here, then somewhere else, stop and talk to a friend, etc. We finally got down to business and afterwards I felt more relaxed, and we talked about going to a motel for a hour or so later. She said she would call in a hour and a half. Of course, I really didn't expect she would since she had plenty of $$ for candy now, but a hour and 15 minutes later, while my dick was in the mouth of another SW my phone rings and its Skinny Minni. Be there in 15 minutes I told her, and off I went to the house she showed me to find her at. On the way I started to have 2nd thoughts about driving all the way out to Dolly's since I'd just did a shot of Quad Mix, and decided on just another car date. She came right out and we went to find a spot. Once again it was a hassle to go here, go there and so on. We finally got down to business, and of course the girl is very good at what she does and I certainly don't mind helping them get around a little bit, but she was really extreme again. While I always enjoy my time with Minni, and was thrilled to meet her again, it might be the last time I pick her up.

Both National and Greenfield were active all day, but I saw nothing the two loops I made on Lincoln. I guess the warm weather got the girls more active, and I did see (and pick up) a few nice pairs of shorts and a couple really short skirts.

I found Lexi again at about 13th and Greenfield. (Photos below) She was in a very short red dress. I grabbed her quick and off we went to find a place. I met her once a few weeks ago and through no fault of hers I didn't get off, but this time was different. We parked on a street across from a launder mat, put the windshield screen up and with my dark tinted windows had plenty of privacy. She did a fantastic job, prices a bit high (ask 60, settled on 50) but then she has skills, a bit of a rush later also, guess she wanted to get to the candy store. Wish she had been in heels. That's kinda my thing.

I picked up a couple others through the day just to pass a few minutes, Cassy and Breana and one other I don't remember the name off and used my new line of "I don't have much time, was just heading out of town but saw you here and liked the way you look. How much for just 5 minutes of oral while I drive" Usually 10 or 20 dollars will get 5 or 10 minutes and is an easy way to find out if a further investment is worthwhile.

The last of the day though was by far my Favorite. Her name is Alayna. (Photos Below).

I saw her walking slow on Greenfield at about 12th. She was in a short white dress, nice thin body and very pretty face. Once I got her in the car one of the first things, she told me was that she wasn't wearing any panties, and of course I immediately had to make sure she wasn't lying!

Prices were very reasonable and only asked 5 extra to video and photograph her. Her skills were well above average, and I really enjoyed her company, not only the sex. She was unrushed and very skilled. At the end, I tipped her $20 and she was shocked. Almost looked like she was ready to cry. If anyone picks her up, treat her really nice.

Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named TrollMongo.







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