Monday Fun Day - Milwaukee

Work has been slow, and Monday I found myself with nothing much to do so headed for Milwaukee. I got a late start, left home about 12:30 and got to 36th and National at 3:15 in the afternoon. First pass down National there were several out, nothing looked to good, so I kept going to 6th, then down to Greenfield. At about 15th saw a girl who looked OK but decided to cruise to 27th and see what else was out. Saw a few more but went back to the one on 15th and she was still there. Her name was Cass (or maybe Jess). A dark-haired white girl, thin and reasonably attractive. Gave great head with CIM and spit. Nice girl, a 30 donation, I think. Let my hands roam wherever I wanted but didn't want me to take a photo.

I cruised a bit more after dropping her off, things had slowed up a bit but then I found Alayna. I had met her once before and was hoping I'd see her again. She was standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. Such a fine sight to see. Oh, Wait. I got confused with the song. Actually she was standing on the corner of 8th and Greenfield. And yes, she was a sight I was VERY happy to see. (Photos Below).

Alayna is the best, very pretty face, thin body, GREAT skills. 40 donation plus a little extra for the photos and a video, and I left her a pretty good tip, but I appreciate her and her skills. She made my day again.

As I was dropping her off, I spotted another SW'er I had seen earlier but didn't pick up. It was Lola. As I dropped Alayna off on 8th Street Lola was almost next to my car. I got her attention, and she hopped in. I explained after the 2 girls I had just been with I probably couldn't do too much right then but asked if she would let my hands explore her for a few minutes. We settled on a price and when I found out her name I asked if she was Lolli's sister, and she is.

Lolli is the first Milwaukee Street Walker I ever picked up and I have been hoping to see her again. I gave Lola my number and asked her to pass it on to Lolli and to feel free to call me herself. So far, I have not heard from either but I'm hoping especially to hear from Lolli.

Overall, a pretty damn fine Monday. Didn't have time for lunch just settled for a coke and pizza from Kwik-Trip on the way home. Those girls can work up an appetite in more ways than one.

Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named TrollMongo.






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