Valentino - Albuquerque NM

Hey guys,

I was able to make it back into the 505 for a few days of meetings. Tuesday last week was no good. I got out on Central about 6:30pm. Cruised a bit. I saw way too many LEO for my taste. At one time, I passed 4 different Leo cars going the other direction and then a Leo SUV pulled up next to me at the light, all in about 5 minutes. Then, all of the sudden, as it got dark, around 7:30 or so. Poof. They disappeared. I didn't see another till almost 8pm as I headed back to the hotel. That sorta worried me. A friend once said, the only thing worse than finding a spider. Is losing it. So I called it a night.

Wednesday was much better. About 8:30pm or so on Central, east of Louisiana, I spotted this little brunette in a red top. So, I did a fair amount of recon. Hit a few side streets and made sure there weren't any others watching and waiting. I passed a time or two but couldn't get the look. Finally, I was able to go down a street and come up to where she was walking at the same time. I got her eyes and offered a ride. Once in, I did the check to make sure she was on the right team. She offered BBBJ for 30. I countered with an offer to go to my hotel room. She agreed so off we went.

Once in the room, she immediately undressed, used the restroom, turned her phone off, and got me out of my clothes. She told me that she could only be there an hour. I asked if she had a cover. She checked and did not come prepared. Not to worry though, I had a few with me just in case. She started with a nice BBBJ. Nice hand and mouth coordination. She did a great job trying to deep throat several times. She took direction well, held the boys and stuff, even made some sexy noises while sucking. So after a bit of that, I threw on a cover, spun her around, and hit it K9. I gave her a good pounding. As I got close, I asked if she would catch it. She agreed. So when the moment was there, I pulled the cover, had her suck, and she caught like a pro. Even swallowed. I didn't even ask about the swallow, but she did. She even went back and got the last drop.

So now I still have like 30 minutes till I have to get her back. After a few minutes of recovery time, I told her I wanted round two. She went right to work sucking. As you can imagine, round two took a bit longer. She worked me with her mouth and hand for damn near 20 minutes with a BBBJ. Finally, she got round two and swallowed again. She even agreed to some pics.

So, here's the cool part. She didn't ask for the money up front. When we were all dressed and I after the pics were taken, I asked her what I owe. She said she usually gets 50 for a half hour and 100 for a full hour. I figured 100 was fair as I got two pops with swallow out of it in the comfort and safety of my hotel room. A BP girl would have been more. In any case, have fun with her, and enjoy the pics. She seems like a good gal, just trying to make ends meet. Not the typical drug head.

S. L.

Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named Sir Lancelot




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