Zoi - Albuquerque NM

I was out playing in the rain on Sunday and made my way down to ABQ to get some food. As I was eating, I decided to surf around some of the other site reviews.  As I was doing so, the female sitting in the booth behind me apparently noticed and slipped in next to me. She introduced herself and explained she escorted in Santa Fe and got stood up by a client. As she was sitting next to me talking, a quick LEO check was done without a word.

We finished our food, and I followed her back to Santa Fe to her place. Normally, I would have been completely sketched out, but she seemed sincere. When we got there, it immediately turned into an hour-long PSE, quite frankly, I was worn out when she was done.

She offered a full menu, which started with an appetizer course of a highly skilled BBBJ. This girl was amazing, and I am wondering how I didn't hear about her before seeing her, as I lived in the same town. When we were done, we got cleaned up and I gave her $$, which she was very happy with. I snapped a few pictures as well, and her digits are available via PM.

Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named Limo Dave.



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