SB G Street - Los Angeles

SB and G Street track can be a true hit and miss. Most of the time it's a miss, but once in a while you will get a true hit. Picked up a really cute thin 21 yo WSW one time and it was BBBJ and BBFSCIP for $100. She had a brunette partner and banged her the next day at their in call next to the bus station. Got their digits before I left in case, I wanted sloppy seconds LOL.

But your best bet today would be to use social media to hook up with these chicks. Much more reliable and you know exactly when they are available. And as soon as they slide in your DM's they already have a room, so your in call is guaranteed, without the hassle of going thru a ton of fat BSW's and the risk of getting pinched by LE. Here's my latest SB hook up thru SM. Damn this girl just turned 19 and cute as a bug on a rug!

Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named Ace McNasty


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