Mercedes - Pompano Beach FL

Mercedes, I inseminated her in several Cheetah gentlemen's club fuckbooth visits back in 2012-2013 when she was a teenager! She was 19 to 20 years old when she first started in the Pink Pisshole! She is now 30! When I saw Suave's post this morning, I looked up the number I had for her on an ancient burner phone, and from that, I found her real name in a reverse search, then found her Facebook, and BINGO! Thar, she blows, LOL! I am 100% certain of this one! My fuckbooth pictures of her from a decade ago are attached below. The leg tattoo in my next-to-last-picture below matches the one in this recent ad exactly. The last picture below is from that recent sumo ad. Moreover, the Facebook pictures go back a decade, and even without the confirmatory tattoo analysis, are absolutely definitive!


Here is a review I wrote for a private email group about a decade ago:

"I cum-pumped Mercedes, the girl in the attached pics. 20 years old. I did her in the club fuckbooth for 145, fuckbooth fees included--my second fuckbooth session with her. Yes, she is some 15 lbs overweight and has some serious stretch marks to boot. But after filling her with 3 shots of her favorite fire water, she made out with me like she is in love with me and fucked me like a porn star--and then I filled her young little pulsating * with cum! Pics attached. I just LOVE her slutty look and her nasty gutter-mouth that any drunken sailor would be proud of, and her trailer-trash behavior to match! So, despite the flaws in her appearance, I have nevertheless found her to be a fun, satisfying fucktoy! And she has come a long way in the 6 months she has been working there--when I first barebacked her 6 months ago--her first BBFS client-- she was only borderline GFE, would take neither CIP nor CIM, and pretty much just laid there when I barebacked her. Now she INSISTS on CIP, DFKs like she's in love, and now delivers the goods with spirit and enthusiasm like a seasoned pro, even though she just turned 20! Of course, she is too young to drink, so the bartenders know to put her shots of vodka into a Shirley Temple glass with a big straw! Of course, those 3 shots cost me an additional 20. But that firewater certainly does get Mercedes' engine going! ".

So, excitedly, I was actually all set to text her and make an appointment, and after a decade, go and cum-pump her again!

But then, I looked at the criminal record in the reverse search and googled the news reports of her arrest. They are easy to find by googling her real name. Among the more serious shit she was involved in included a hold-up of a client in CT with her boyfriend / fiancé, with a BB gun, that involved the boyfriend impersonating police. She handcuffed the dude, and the boyfriend robbed him. LE set up a sting the next day and nabbed them both. She spent quite a stint in jail. This was in 2017. She also has ROB reviews on TER. The boyfriend / fiancé was a career criminal with a very long, scary rap sheet, and from the news reports appears to be still in jail.
So, as much as I'd like to inseminate her again, I surely won't be. But what the fuck-if you like to live dangerously, go for it!

Author and street credit goes to a gentleman named KingOfFours





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