Bree - Philly Streetwalker

Bree is a Philadelphia Pennsylvania street walker.  She is a hot petite looking streetwalker that can be found walking on Kensington Avenue in Philly.  She has a firm shapely ass, tight tummy and some perky tits.  If you ever see her in the area and you decide to give her a try, tell us all about your experience with her.










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  • HBH

    Alyssa Morales...look her up.
    A horrific thing happened to her.
    Take this down out of respect.

  • HBH

    Poor soul. This is horrible. Makes one feel guilty for participating in the mongering game.
    Whoever runs this site should take this down out of respect.

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/6abc.com/amp/alyssa-morales-assault-woman-set-on-fi re-kensington-arson-investigation-philadelphia-police/11986034/

  • R.S.

    god, you men are heartless pigs with no soul
    Treating another human being like a worthless object
    You all make me sick
    I’m an escort too, so I’m not passing judgment towards her, other escorts or anyone else in the line of work in any way whatsoever
    I’m just calling you all out for the disgusting & shameless pigs that you all are
    Take a look in the mirror & think about what kind of person you are before you go & pass judgment on anyone else
    You all see this girl as a worthless piece of trash, based on the way you talk about her, but you all take advantage & use her like she’s an object or some plaything that you can just toss in the trash after you’re done with her
    So if that’s how you treat another human being, what does that make you?
    I think you’re all trashier & lower in gutter than you all say she is (& every other working girl out there)

  • Kenso Ken

    @ James Lynch

    Kensington, Philly. She is a regular of the neighborhood. Not bad for a quick cheap nut, but YMMV. She has YT interviews, too. I live in Pittsburgh, but make it to Kensington at least once a week for a cheap nut. God bless rock

  • James Lynch Banned

    Well how can I get ahold of her

  • Luvbjs

    Who cares if she’s happy? As long as she’s sucking and fucking no problem.

  • #1Whorefan

    Selling your body/flesh/holes in Kensington would be the worst place to do it. The environment itself, but eve more so the kind of John that is specifically looking for the most downtrodden and desperate drug addicts, the ones who are sleeping on the pavement...that John does not have good intentions. Kensington will suck the soul out of the one who for coin will suck your soul. Leaves a whore a hollow shell.

    Just look @ here whore Bree. That face writes the book, " Kensington Cocksucker Blues" on its own.

  • Capt obvious

    She probably isn't smiling because she suck stranger's sweaty dicks for a living. Cfht5a

  • Jinn

    Also why not smile??? I don’t want no negative energy in life :)

  • Jinn

    She got the phone number???

  • Zye

    She got phone

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